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Requirements for obtaining the License
According to the rules of the Bologna Process, students new to the degree of the License must reach a total number of 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. Compulsory courses, optional courses and two seminars must cover at least 90 ECTS. The Licensing thesis and the comprehensive examination are worth 30 ECTS. In addition, the student must demonstrate the ability to read and understand two modern languages (English, French, German, Spanish) through an exam. In addition to the courses of the program, in order to reach the required number of credits (ECTS) the student can take several courses or produce a written paper for a course of 3 ECTS which would give the value of 5 ECTS to the course. Thus the value of a second course of 3 ECTS can also be increased.
The grade of the License is calculated for 30% on the average of the exams, 30% on the written work, 10% on the defense of the work in discussion and 30% on the inclusive exam.