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High specialization post-graduate course 2020/2021

General information
In line with the Holy Father Paul VI's Message to Artists (December 8, 1965) and SC 122, the Pontifical Liturgical Institute offers a highly specialized course for tour guides, which proposes a methodology suitable for the presentation of the contents contained in sacred art. The program provides an introduction to liturgical themes and promotes an exact understanding of the theological foundation from which the coordinates of architecture and art inspired by the Christian faith are derived, with particular attention to the biblical, ecclesiological and sacramental dimensions.
The specialization is biennial (70 ECTS = 25 ECTS per annum + 20 ECTS for the final thesis). The two years are not propaedeutic. Each academic hour is 45 minutes.

The course can be accessed:
  • tourist guides enabled;
  • graduates and graduates of faculties related to architectural, artistic and historical subjects, subject to evaluation and authorization by the course coordinator;
  • hearsers, after evaluation and authorization of the course coordinator;
  • religious people who hold, or intend to hold, institutional and/or consulting positions for the design of churches.
The Pontifical Liturgical Institute issues the following titles:
  • attestato di frequenza per gli iscritti a ciascuna annità, o ai singoli moduli;
  • frequency certificate for listeners;
  • diploma in Alta Educatio ad viarum atque itinerum ducem formandum.
Auditors are not allowed to obtain the diploma.

Enrolment fees
It is possible to subscribe both to the whole year and to one or more individual modules:
  • full annuity:
    • new members € 1.506,00
    • already enrolled in another course of the University and listeners € 856,00.
  • single module:
    • new members € 50,00 for ECTS
    • already enrolled in another course of the University
    • 45,00 € for ECTS
    • give diploma € 260,00
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Course location
Pontifical Athenaeum S. Anselmo, Piazza dei Cavalieri  di Malta, 500153 Rome - Italy
Tel. +39.06.5791410 -